GL Sports Meet

A group of students of Government High School, enrolled under remedial Education Program in OM Foundation participated in Inter School Sports competition organized by GlobalLogic. Even as a first time participation, some students were successful enough to score big. 2 first prizes and 2 third prizes are well enough to boost their confidence.

These students have never been provided with any such platform to showcase their talent and participate in an activity. These students, though are very interested in extracurricular activities, are deprived of such facilities and the event like this play a game changing role in their lives. It was the first time all these students were given an opportunity to participate in sports activity and an inter-school competition made them understand their counterparts studying in different schools quite well. They got a moment to cherish their interaction with the students of other schools, which will help them in widening their horizon and developing the child holistically.

The students enjoyed the whole program and are looking forward for more of such events. We hope to witness a positive change in their attitude.

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