Learning new skill with a Friend from New York

On 29 th August, 2017, a friend from New York and the old buddy of OM visited us again. This time the energy of this new friend is high to meet our students. Arul Kapoor, (Son of Mr Rohit Kapoor – CEO, EXL) shared his experience and learning of computer engineering with our students. He has conducted an hour long online coding workshop for our young minds. This workshop trained them in logical thinking and creativity. The skills that these students learnt were a value addition to their knowledge and they can get these utilized in any industry that deals with computers. He also motivated the students to change the approach of learning, as he told that they don't necessarily need to pursue B.Tech to become a software engineer. Through the session, he shared info about an online space, where students learn all computer language for free. It was a fun learning for the students and they enjoyed this session a lot.

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