Mock Parliament by students

OM Foundation welcomed autumn by organising A Mock Parliament session. The workshop was organized by Social Science students with an aim to enhance their debating skills as well as to increase their knowledge about the current issues being faced by our country. For making the event more interactive, 2 groups, one as ruling the other as opposing, were created under the guidance and ideas of the teachers. It was really alluring to see the emerging politicians discussing about issues like GST, Child security, pros and cons of introducing bullet train in a country like India. Students of the ruling party were given tough time by the students of the opposition. School Principal Mrs. Shilpa Shree explained the rationale behind holding this event by saying that “Extracurricular activities are very important in the overall development of a child some of these students can grow up to be future leaders of this country” also she added that the idea of conducting this activity is to help these children to be better citizens . Mr. Sanjay Drabu, our founder trustee highlighted the objectives of this activity as, “Not to leave any issue to result in confrontation or violence. He enlightened students to always discuss the challenging issues as it is a healthy way to solve any problem in life. He motivated the youth to be empowered and explained how critical their role is in building a society like this. He also supported the students and discussed how such activities and stand up debates will enhance their overall personality, help them overcome stage fear and moreover evolve them as a confident and knowledgable individual.


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