Ian & Karen Peters visiting OM School

Ian Peters, the well-wisher of OM, have supported the school unceasingly. His blessings have accelerated the growth and expansion of OM. He was serving as a Managing Director at British Gas, when OM Foundation was at its budding stage. He took out time from his busy schedule and visited the School to meet and interact with the kids of OM. He gave the right direction coupled with all needed support for the complete blooming of this project. He took OM School to another level and upgraded to High School. His contribution is not limited to corporate level; he personally made efforts to ensure that this organization flourishes well.

This visit was also a part of his personal contribution to OM. Mr. Ian Peters is funding our College Education programme for girls. His efforts have given a ray of hope to every student that they will become something in life and will follow the right path in life. 

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