Classes are getting smarter in OM

On this momentous occasion of Children’s day 14 Nov’ 17 Sopra Steria sponsored a new smart class for better learning of children Of OM Foundation. E-learning and smart classroom aims at developing the students learning ability as the entire chapters become more interesting to study and hence improve the results of the students. One of the main reasons behind the constant increase in popularity of smart classes is the fact that this kind of education is perfect for all kinds of students.

A classroom has students with varied power of understanding and learning, and studying from notes and other materials becomes difficult for some students. But the use of smart classes and modern technology eases the learning process for all students. Moreover, this kind of education in class promotes more interaction between teacher and student with more participation from both sides. Smart classrooms are the new generation educational product which helps students gain more marks and is a step to the future of education. OM Foundation is fortunate to experience such digitization for the betterment of the students.

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