Geeta came as a novice but determined to learn Joined WEP project in designing and stitching a program which has affiliation with USHA International supported by Barclays. Geeta turned out to be an excellent learner. Was inquisitive at all times, wanting to know new things, kept updating herself. She graduated in Design &Stitching plus Embroidery and took charge of the production center which we started for the self help group. She executed orders of Aprons, Folders, Pouches, from different schools Stitched uniform for OM kids as well. Give her any product she can replicate the same. To further enhance her skills she joined WEP Secretarial Practice Program as well Which gave her an insight into the Information Technology world and communicating in English. She works as an Entrepreneur now. Has formed a team of ladies, who help her in executing orders and make an earning as well.Geeta has proved “ All you need is passion. When you have a passion to do something, you can fit in everything. It is only a mindset. You have to be determined, ‘I have to do it’ and you will do it”. Geeta
Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. But that single step is the most difficult one to make. Conquering the fear and venture forth, when a bird takes its first flight, it brings a sense of independence, self-belief and confidence to fly high in the sky. Similarly overcoming all the fears, Anjali Tyagi has stepped out of her nest and started flapping her wings to take off her first flight towards her goal. Living a dream of being Company Secretary in a renowned company, Anjali, resident of Hoshiyarpur village in Noida, have a dearth of funds to take coaching classes for CS. Her dedication to do something brings her down to OM Foundation where she joined computer classes for 3 months under Secretarial program and she is now well versed with the Microsoft office and other necessary tools which is being used extensively in offices. Just after completion of her course she got an opportunity to work in Vertex (BPO). Her dedication and hardwork win over her father’s confidence and made him feel proud. Anjali is earning Rs.6800 per month. She is now confident that she would be able to pursue her further studies and would one day reach to her final destination. Her job has brought happiness to the entire family and her siblings will celebrate Raksha Bandhan undoubtedly. Anjali