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It is as much a pleasure for us to interact with the children as it is for the children to interact with us.

You and your team are doing some great work for these children and their families. I was talking to the lady in the kitchen about how proud she must feel about her daughter - she was so overwhelmed, she had tears in her eyes. I am sure these folks feel hugely indebted to OM foundation for providing them a platform like this that will hopefully change their future and their fortunes. Kudos to all of you!

We look forward to more interactions in the future.
Posted By: Madhavi Dahanukar
Business Head - EXL Energy & Utilities
It was a huge honour to meet you, your team and the children. I'm always proud to be associated with British Gas, but even more so now knowing the work that we do to support you. I can see what a real difference that OM is making to these people's lives, and their families, a truly humbling experience.
You can count on me to actively participate and look forward to seeing you all soon.
Posted By: David Brand
Director Support - British Gas
I was delighted to see the smiles on the faces of these children. Desite several disadvantages they seem to take everything in stride & bond wih each other so well. All the credit goes to the teachers who have worked hard to create an amiable environment for the kids.
Posted By: Tony Aston
Hewitt UK Office
OM Foundation School is an inspiration model where one connects with the amazing children & this has been possible with the help of such committed teachers. It warms my heart to see such brillant kids & their enthusiasm to learn!
Posted By: Arjun Singh
MD, Asia Pacific Hewitt Ass
Thank you so much for allowing me to visit you, your staff and your children last week at the School. It was just fantastic to meet you all and to see the really great progress that you have all made in such a short space of time and, looking at the future plans, it seems as if this is only the start.
Posted By: Tony Aston
Hewitt Ass. Out. Ltd, London
OM Foundation School is very close to my heart and I always feel humble to see these students growing and learning. We will extend all support for the completion of the schooling of the OM children.
Posted By: Mr. Ian Peters
MD, British Gas Energy
It has always been a feel good factor whenever I have visited the school. OM Foundation is doing an amazing work by nurturing the lives of the underprivileged students and their families as whole. My best wishes to the entire team and good luck to all its beneficiaries.
Posted By: Ms. Anne Minto
This is my first visit to India and I am amazed to see this project which is making an impact on the 300 lives and I am sure this will go a long way in the coming years. Very humbled and touching experience after meeting the students, French Embassy in India is proud to partner OM Foundation in its social initiatives.
Posted By: Madame Valerie Trierweiler
French First Lady

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