OM Foundation is a registered secular, gender sensitive, humanitarian NOIDA (Delhi-NCR) based public charitable trust, founded in the year 2002. It realizes its mission by significantly contributing to quality education and healthcare of the economically and socially disadvantaged people of the country.What is OM Foundation?
Children from underprivileged backgrounds, economically challenged parents residing in the slums of NOIDA are chief beneficiaries. OM Foundation provides free quality education and healthcare facilities for children in need. Besides, women and youth of the underprivileged communities also benefit from various skill development and employability programs of the Foundation. Who benefits from OM Foundation? Does OM Foundation charge for its services?
You can get involved with in various capacities - as donors or volunteers in various development projects. Your support, both, monetary and non – monetary, would encourage us to do better. How can I help OM Foundation?
No the money does not go to children/beneficiaries directly. The Board of Trustees involved in the Foundation oversee and allocate funds in a manner that the programs benefit children/beneficiaries directly. Would Sponsorship money go to the children / beneficiary directly?
OM Foundation works for children in need, who do not have access to quality education and healthcare. While selecting children, first preference is given to orphans / abandoned children and girl child. To cover more number of families in the community, only one child is taken from one family. How does OM Foundation choose its beneficiary / communities it works with?
OM Foundation wishes to provide support for child development over a long period of time. It aims to support children till the time they reach adulthood when they can be valuable and productive members of their community and the country.How long do the children remain enrolled with OM Foundation?
Any amount and kind of support is welcome. There are various sponsorship and volunteering options available. Please visit Sponsorship page in the Get Involved section to choose your cause and amount for donation. How much money can one individual sponsor?
Yes anyone donating money in India can get Income Tax rebate under 80 G.Does one get any Tax related advantages by making donations or taking up sponsorships?
Yes. The Foundation can accept donations from countries outside of India as it has the FCRA permission from the Government of India.Does the Foundation accept donation from people/organisations outside of India.
Yes it does. In-Kind gifts page for further information. Help can be in the form of volunteering as well as donation of objects required for school. Please see the Get Involved section to know more.Does OM Foundation accept Non-monetary help? How?
OM Foundation makes an extra effort to minimize its administrative cost by involving all board members voluntarily in the day-to-day activities. Our total administrative cost is only 5% of the total cost utilized in development projects. This implies that 95% of the budget is utilized in welfare activities of the children in need.How does OM Foundation take care of its own cost?