After successfully providing quality education to over 400 students from underprivileged backgrounds for over 13 years, OM Foundation has found a huge gap in the demand and availability of good education and quality schools. It has also learnt that students who are part of regular schooling program (like the one at OM Foundation School) display tremendous growth and learning which is visible in their academic results, their participation in extra-curricular activities and in their winning of competitions outside school boundaries.

The reason behind this phenomenal success is the teachers, school infrastructure and other opportunities, which a quality school can provide. The Foundation also realizes that its current school can offer these to only 30 students (as per the admission policy) in regular school hours.

To fill in the gap of quality education with its available infrastructure and the Foundation aims to reach out to more underprivileged students (outside the school’s current strength) with an ‘After-school’ initiative.

With this in mind OM Foundation has launched After School Program – an initiative that reaches out to underprivileged students who are unable to get admissions in good schools but want good education.

The program aims to cover 100-200 students in the age group of 12 to 18 years who are going to Govt. schools or Private schools but are not getting quality education. It will also reach out to school dropouts who are working to earn their livelihood but are willing to complete their education through weekend classes.

Objectives & Goals

The main objective of the project is to provide mentorship to the needy students and improve their basic subject knowledge after the school hours, who cannot afford to take admission in good schools and barred from getting quality education.

The project is aimed to:

  • To provide the school dropouts an opportunity to complete the school education;
  • To provide mentorship to students by teaching and counselling after their school hours;
  • To improve the basic knowledge and understanding of the subjects important for their career growth
  • To create a space where the students can learn, get the required education and build their career.
  • To impart employability skill sets in students of higher classes.

Working Module

  • Enrolment under NIOS to complete the schooling and get the authorized certificate
  • A space where the students can learn, get the required education and build their career.
  • Emphasis on major subjects – English, Maths, Science and Computer for better understanding and deep subject knowledge.
  • Enhanced standard of the education in terms of knowledge and interest.
  • Sustained mentoring to provide strong base to the students so that they can compete with the mainstream students.
  • Supplemented computer education and value based education to help the students become technically sound and morally high.