Located at Hoshiarpur village, Sector 51, Noida, OM Foundation was setup in 2002 with the aim to provide free and first rate education, free nutrition and free health care to the children from the urban slums of Noida.

In most cases, the children belong to families whose monthly income is less than Rs. 8000 per month. Naturally, none of them afford yearly school fee or the cost of school uniforms and other school supplies, necessary for quality education. Some of these children either never attended school or were forced to drop out, as their parents could not overcome financial hardship.

Starting with just 20 children the School today provides English-medium, quality education to about 375 children at zero cost. The school also provides school uniforms and books completely free of charge.

Besides education, it is imperative that these children are also provided with adequate and balanced nutrition and healthcare services. The School ensures the same with 2 meals during School hours and regular eye, dental, ENT and general health check-ups.

To ensure a standard of education at par with other schools in the city, the School employees only qualified teachers and staff. The teachers and staff also undergo training workshops to improve and upgrade the quality of their teaching.

With an emphasis on the all-round growth of children, the School ensures that every child is equally engaged in co-curricular activities like Music & Dance, Art & Craft, Fitness Exercise, Yoga, Indoor & Outdoor Games, Annual Celebrations and Educational tours.

Well Established Campus

OM Foundation School is located over 1200 meters in the midst of Hoshiarpur village, Noida, UP. The School is well connected to the city and very easily accessible to the visitors. It has got 12 classrooms, 3 administrative rooms, 1 big multipurpose hall and ample amount of open space for the students. The infrastructure is one of the pillars of strength of the OM Foundation School and is also utilised for various other development programs.

Audio Visual Room

The School has got one AV room with a projector and a sound system, installed for the students. Here documentaries, short films and cartoon movies are screened with the purpose to enhance the creative thinking of students by using audio-visual communication.

Science Laboratory

Brilliantly designed and compiled with the help of our Director Dr. RD Shukla the Science Laboratory helps the students get their hands on practical learning and experiences. The lab is well equipped and contains all necessary equipment for secondary level science practices.

Computer Lab

The USP of the school is the computer lab with 30 highly configured computers. The students learn all the basic of computers and internet with the help of the computer teacher.


With almost over 6000 books, the School Library is the knowledge resource for with a vast variety of books like English and Hindi story books, reference books, encyclopaedias and pop-up books. The library also offers proper sitting arrangements for the readers.

Multipurpose Hall

The Multi-propose is a boon to the School as it allows for various activities. The mid-day meal that School provides to its students is served here. This hall easily accommodates 200 kids of the School and can be used for recreational activities as well.

Gaming Opportunities and Open Spaces

The School also offers ample amount of open and playing courts to the students. Overall development of the students can be accompanied with sports only. To support it, volley ball, basketball, table tennis and badminton facilities are available with dedicated sports period

Ventilated Class Rooms

Well ventilated 12*12 ft large classrooms set the environment for learning with lots of natural light, comfortable sitting arrangement for the students.

Key Differentiators

  • The school imparts free education to all its students.
  • Uniforms, books and stationery are provided free to all students.
  • The medium of instruction is English and the techniques and methodology is at par with other public schools in the city.
  • The maximum strength for each class is not more than 30.
  • The school follows the CBSE curriculum and NCERT books are used as course books.
  • All the students are provided balance diet and the healthcare services. Medical check-up camps for general check-ups, dental, ENT, vaccination and anemic eradication are organized regularly.
  • The admission process constitutes a lot of screening to ensure that only the needy get benefitted.
  • The principle of only one child from a family is followed so that more underprivileged families can be covered.
  • Preference is given to children who are orphans and single parent child. Girl children are our focus in order to ensure that they lead a dignified and educated life. The girl-boy ratio is 52:48 in the OM Foundation School.
  • The school motivates underprivileged section of the society to come forward for education. The school avoids any kind of favoritism to any particular caste, creed or religion in admission process
  • The school has well ventilated 20x20ft classrooms, science and mathematics labs, computer lab with highly configured computers, library with more than 6000 books, music and audio-visual room.
  • The school has got volleyball, basketball and badminton courts inside the campus. The school also has the facility of table tennis.
  • The school has got 20 regular staff which includes 15 qualified teachers and a Head-mistress.
  • Mentorship classes for our weaker students after the school hours in order to bring these children at par with other students of the class.
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