Free yet Quality Education

Its first initiative, OM Foundation School provides children from urban slums with zero cost, first-rate education and basic healthcare facilities. The Foundation does not charge any fee from its beneficiaries. It provides uniforms, books, stationery free of cost yet the quality of education imparted is at par to the other private schools of the city.

Charity with No Compromises

To make the school an example of excellence and not just charity, the Foundation has adopted a no compromise attitude to ensure that the children get education that is at par with other schools in NOIDA. To achieve this, the Foundation lays special emphasis on developing quality infrastructure, upgrading teaching and sporting facilities, selection of only qualified teachers and monitoring academic performance of the students.

Community Welfare Initiatives

The Foundation has also spread its wings beyond the school. It has successfully launched and conducted programs that aim to improve the livelihood skills of women and youth of nearby areas, so that they become eligible for better quality jobs. The Foundation also organizes various health camps for everyone in the communities of the areas surrounding the School.

Preference to orphans and girl child

OM Foundation always gives preference to the orphans or a girl child in its education projects. Children who have lost both or either of their parents are extended special attention.

No bias or discrimination policy and practice

The Foundation does not discriminate on the basis of religion, caste or creed. In fact it gives preference to minorities to ensure fair chance of education for everyone.

Low Administrative costs

For the last 13 years the Foundation has maintained its administrative costs as low as 5 percent of the total budget so that the beneficiaries get full benefits in terms of education and healthcare. All financial reports are available on the website.

Complete Transparency

The Foundation has maintained complete Audited Balance Sheets from the first year of its inception. Besides, any sponsor or contributor can interact directly with the beneficiaries.

Highly qualified and dedicated professional team

The staff at OM Foundation School is highly qualified with B.Ed. degrees and has a wide range of experience in teaching. The Foundation ensures that their skills are upgraded continuously through training and development.

Benefits to Sponsors

All monetary contributions to the Foundation or its projects can avail of tax benefits under section 80G. To facilitate contributions from overseas donors, the Foundation also has the FCRA clearance from Government of India.

Continued help from Sponsors: A proof of credibility, transparency and efficiency

Behind the success of OM Foundation’s efforts lies the support of companies and individuals of Indian as well as International origins who have always come back with their monetary and volunteering support year after year. This is also a testimony to the genuineness of the Foundation’s efforts, transparency and efficient practices. Besides regular funding the companies are also a source of volunteers who regularly participate in teaching and training programs aimed at the welfare of the school children and various other community initiatives. The Foundation has also found many friends in individuals who contribute significantly in monetary or volunteering terms.